Faster returns with improved GTM and commercialisation

We aim to give our portfolio companies a competitive advantage with our Growth Curriculum Programme that helps companies scale faster, deploy improved products and achieve greater commercial successes.

Our portfolio companies gain access to the corporate customers in our network via targeted 1:1 engagements. Our Limited Partner Investors improve their returns as our companies have improved M&A opportunities via these engagements.


We have partnered with Tailored Brands a commercial growth agency specialising in scaling B2B startups from Seed to Series C.

Tailored Brands have a strong reputation in delivering success. Working with the top European accelerators they have worked with over 300 Seed and Series A/B companies over the last 4 years resulting in increased investment ROI and commercial success.

Portfolio companies receive additional services to accelerate their growth. They will benefit from a bespoke framework to meet needs of each startup, location, industry, resources in order to scale globally and drive revenue targets.




We work alongside Venture Capital partners in UK, Europe and USA by positioning our portfolio companies for their follow-on investment rounds. Our understanding of the needs of other funds in the investor ecosystem mean that startups can continue to accelerate their growth and deliver investor returns.

Technical Communities

We help build and empower the most tech savvy community of CTO’s to support the technical requirements of our portfolio companies but also as a lever to attract new technology-led growth companies looking for investment. We understand what it takes to scale technology companies, their platforms and services in order to onboard global enterprises.

SaaS Reference Architecture

Build, publish and evangelise the SaaS B2B reference architecture to solve common challenges like Security, Audits, Multi-tenancy, Portability, Billing and availability resilience – which should also drive our technical vendor strategy of working with Microsoft, Google, Amazon and VMWare teams.

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Supercapital Partners has amassed over 250 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience scaling over 500+ startups.

Executives from Microsoft, Google, Morgan Stanley and Facebook have joined forces to continue their winning track record of launching 55 companies – 5 exits, 35 x Series A rounds and 6 x B/C rounds.