Changing business models – placing LPs at the centre of the network

We provide high growth companies with their Seed and Series A investments in ONE round, against pre-agreed milestones and deployed via a waterfall payment plan. We negotiate an equity premium for supporting both rounds enabling the company to focus on what’s important; increasing the value of their business and speeding up the go-to-market and commercialisation.

Startup Clinic

We have designed and built the world’s first scaleup triage clinic for distressed startup companies – based on expert knowledge of technology, commercialisation, leadership capabilities and turn-around methodology.


We have a successful track record of building, managing and selling technology companies. We have a deep understanding how to launch enterprise-ready products and services.

Data Driven Deal Flow

We are singularly focused on finding world-beating tech companies and by building out our data platform we encourage interactions from key industry players, earlier stage VCs and high-quality, accelerators.

Centre of the Network

We act as the focal point for the enterprise tech community, bringing together executives, entrepreneurs, investors and academic researchers with a joint vision of building the next generation of innovative technologies.

Global Reach

With extensive cross industry connections inside both FTSE100 and Nasdaq listed companies, we understand sector and organisational needs to actively curate and connect portfolio companies to enterprise teams.

Investment for the post COVID world


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Supercapital Partners has amassed over 250 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience scaling over 500+ startups.

Executives from Microsoft, Google, Morgan Stanley and Facebook have joined forces to continue their winning track record of launching 55 companies – 5 exits, 35 x Series A rounds and 6 x B/C rounds.